Who Changed the Program?

Have you ever found yourself in a position where the program you have been given to use is different because someone has altered it and not recorded the changes, or perhaps an offset has been altered but no-one knows who did it?

Events like this occur every day in machine shops, and whilst they can be frustrating, there are potentially worse consequences through scrapped parts and machine damage and the resulting downtime and expense of repairs. However if you are a Haas owner, through simple changes to your machine you can afford yourself some protection. As standard all Haas machines have a number of Settings that can be used to ‘lock-out’ various items from offsets, through parameters, macro variables and programs as shown below. 

Setting 7 locks all parameters.

Setting 8 locks all programs.

Setting 23 locks only Ox9xxx programs.

Setting 119 locks offsets.

When this setting is ON, the user is prevented from altering any of the offsets.  However, programs which alter offsets will still be able to do so.

Setting 120 locks macro variables.

When this setting is ON, the user is prevented from altering any of the macro variables. However, programs which alter macro variables will still be able to do so.

These settings are ON/OFF settings and whilst they do offer some protection against the changes that an operator might causally want to do, if you wish to have a more physical control then through the addition of the Haas key option, a separate key switch is provided which will prevent any changes. 

This option can be retro-installed quickly on any Haas machine (9.25 software or later) by one of our engineer’s either on a dedicated visit, or as part of a routine preventive maintenance service.