Help with Different Languages

Haas are a truly global company supplying machine tools from their California factory to engineering and manufacturing companies around the world and inevitably this requires the control to be capable of operating in multiple languages.

Whilst it has been possible for many years to have your Haas machine configured in a language other than English, the task has required the visit of a Haas engineer to load the software, with the release of 16.04 mill software and 9.05 lathe software in February 2009, Haas have now given the operator the capability to load languages as required.

The language files are available from the Haas Service Dept. at our Norwich offices and the procedure is set out below to load from either USB or other device such as the Hard Drive. 

Press ESTOP and leave it in. 

Then press LISTPROG and select the device and directory where the new set of languages is stored.

Press F1 and select LOAD LANGUAGES from the menu. The control will display a list of the languages it has found. Use the up and down arrow buttons to highlight a language and press WRITE. Repeat for each desired language.

Then press F1. If too many languages are selected, the control will display a message saying to unselect some. 

Then press F3 and wait for the selected languages to be loaded.

Choose one of the loaded languages using setting 82 LANGUAGE.