Keeping Everything Together

Most CNC users are familiar with loading and saving programs either to RS232, USB, ENET or in some cases a harddrive within the machine, however if the part is a regular job with the same tooling preset, the majority of people will reset their tool and work offsets each time. Not only is this time consuming but given many milling tools require a diameter or radius offset the possibility is always exists that the operator simply forgets to enter this data with the corresponding results of at best an incorrectly size part.

To assist Haas users with the storage of tool and work offsets, the Haas control includes two Settings, one to automatically output the current offset table when saving a program, and the second to co0ntrol the format of the table such that the user can read the offsets in the same format as they are displayed on the control pendant screen.

156 – Save Offset with PROG

Turning this setting On will have the control save the offsets in the same file as the programs, but under the heading O999999. The offsets will appear in the file before the final % sign.

157 – Offset Format Type

When it is set to A the format looks like what is displayed on the control, and contains decimal points and column headings. Offsets saved in this format can be more easily edited on a PC and later reloaded. When it is set to B, each offset is saved on a separate line with an N value and a V value.

For more help please consult your Haas manual, or contact the Haas Applications Dept.