Extra Tools

Did you know that on a Haas CNC mill with a side mount tool changer that it is possible to have tool numbers higher than the number of stations? 

It can be very handy to have tool offsets set for tools that have been taken out of the machine but have stayed in their holder and are going to be used again. 

For example, with a 24 + 1 side mount tool changer, most people would naturally think they have tool numbers T1 through to T25. This is not the case, there are 200 available so anything up to T200 could be programmed. 

To set your machine for this use Setting 90 to set a tool-number range – from the number of pockets in the tool changer up to the maximum of 200. With Setting 90 set to 200, the control will display 200 tool length offsets, and increase the tool numbers available in the tool-pocket table to 200.