5-Axis Rotary Tables

5C Indexers


Tilting 2-Head 5C Indexer, 2 Axis


Tilting 3-Head 5C Indexer, 2 Axis


Tilting 4-Head 5C Indexer, 2 Axis

100 mm Platter


High-Speed Tilting 100 mm Rotary Table, 2 Axis

160 mm Platter

200 mm Platter


Compact 200 mm (7.9″) Dual-Axis Trunnion Table

210 mm Platter

310 mm Platter

500 mm Platter

Increase productivity

Rotary tables and indexers are where Haas cut its teeth nearly 40 years ago. And they’re just as essential in your shop today as they were when we released our first 5C indexer in 1983. 

Product Specialist Mike Steinbock explains how adding capability and productivity to your VMC cell is what rotary automation is all about and the reason you should consider this investment in improving your process.