Showing Only the Offsets in Use

There is an easy way to determine what offsets will be used by a particular program. 

One of the many unique features built into the Haas control is called Setting 201 “Show only work and tool offsets in use.” 

To use this feature, you must first enable Setting 201 in the Settings page.

Then, you run your program once in graphics mode, by pressing SETTING GRAPH twice and then CYCLE START (you may have to enter some ballpark values into the offsets to get the program to run to the end for the first time). 

After that, you can go to the Offsets page and you will only see the offsets that your program calls out. This is true for both tool and work offsets. 

Then, you can identify and reset only those offsets to their correct values. 

To make all offsets visible again, just press F3 to cancel offset filtering.