Inverse Time Feed Mode (G93)

This VMC/HMC feature specifies that all F (feedrate) values are to be interpreted as “strokes per minute.” This is equivalent to saying that the F code value, when DIVIDED INTO 60, is the number of seconds that the motion should take to complete. 

G93 is generally used in 5-axis work, and sometimes in 4-axis work as well. It’s a way of translating the linear (inches/min) feedrate assigned to the program – F30, say – into a value that takes rotary motion into account. When G93 is activated, the F value will tell you how many times per minute the stroke (tool move) can be repeated, based on the linear F value.

Haas has been able to accommodate full 5-axis machining for many years; however, this feature, in conjunction with aftermarket CAM systems and their post-processors, offers even more flexibility and versatility.