Turning off the lights

In a previous Tips & Tricks email we looked at some of the various systems Haas engineers have installed for saving energy (see here: Reducing energy consumption) and this is an ongoing design criteria for Haas. However whilst making machine tools more efficient going forward is clearly important, existing users of Haas equipment can already utilise the standard features they have on their machines to make savings now.

One option is the use of Setting 199 – Backlight Timer which is applicable to lathes & mills with LCD screens

This setting specifies the time in minutes after which the machine’s LCD display backlight will turn off when there is no input at the control (except in JOG, GRAPHICS, or SLEEP mode or when an alarm is present). Pressing any key will restore the screen display although we strongly recommending using the CAN­CEL key.

Over the next few weeks we are going to be covering other energy saving features which are standard on Haas machines and designed to save you money.