The Haas Multi Function Jog Handle - Part 1

All machine tools have a Jog Handle or Manual Pulse Generator as its sometimes called and Haas is no different, however the Haas Jog Handle is much more than a device for moving the machine axes and the next few weekly Tips and Tricks emails will be describing the various operations that can be achieved using the Haas Multi-Function Jog Handle.

Every machine tool operator will be familiar with the Cycle Start and Feedhold buttons on their control, irrespective of the control or machine manufacturer, especially when proving out a new program or running a program written by someone else and the finger hovering over the feedhold button with the rapid override on its lowest value.

However, is there a better way? Here at Haas we believe in providing the user the choice to find a method that suits them  and that is the reasoning behind Setting 103 and 104 on all Haas machines since 1996.

Setting 103 – CYC START/FH Same Key

This unique feature allows the user to press and hold the cycle start key to run a program, if the key is released the machine will automatically go to feed hold pending the cycle start button being pressed again.

Setting 104 – Jog Handle to SNGL BLK

Avoiding the need for the cycle start key altogether, setting 104 converts the Jog Handle into a controller for stepping through the current program in single block mode – each successive click clockwise will advance the program by one line, reversing the jog handle causing a feedhold to be generated.

These two settings cannot be used together, turning one on will automatically turn the other one off.

Full details of these settings can be found in your User Manual, alternatively please contact the Haas Applications Department.