Avoiding That Crash

Have you ever accidently typed an incorrect number into the offset column with the result being a scrapped part or broken the tool or spent time trying to understand why the part size is wrong before realising the error was a missing point sign or maybe just not pressed the button hard enough?

Haas recognise that operators can be distracted or make mistakes and with this in mind introduced a specific setting applicable to all Haas CNC machines since 2001 which is called Offset CHNG Tolerance. 

In simplest terms the setting allows the user to enter a maximum value and the control will monitor all changes to offsets and generate a warning for the operator if the entered value exceeds that stored in setting 142. 


This setting will generate a warning message if an offset is changed more than the specified amount.  It is intended to help prevent operator errors.  The user can set it to any number from0 to 99.9999.  When the setting contains zero, the feature is inactive and the control behaves as before.  When it contains a non-zero number and an attempt is made to change an offset by more that this amount (either positive of negative) the following prompt is displayed:

 “xx changes the offset by more than Setting 142!  Accept (Y/N)?”.

 If “Y” is entered, the control updates the offset as usual, otherwise, the change is rejected. Changing the setting to reflect a value you are comfortable with will not affect the day to day operation of the machine when all is running OK, but it might save you time and money in the future and since it’s a Haas standard feature why not check your controls?