Help to Restart

Without exception all CNC programs must be proved out to ensure their correct and safe operation. Tooling issues, surface finish, stability of fixturing or work holding, coolant direction and ultimately part accuracy and cycle time will all be determined at the end of the proving out process.

Whilst there are countless methods employed by operators and setters when they are proving programs (most of which are simply based on personal preferences) there can be no doubt that ensuring the correct tool, offset, spindle speed and so on are in place is an absolute must, not least being when restarting a program from anywhere except the beginning.

Haas engineers have assisted in this process by providing a setting called Program Restart which, when enabled using Setting 36, will cause the control to scan through the active program from the beginning to the block where the cursor is positioned to ensure that the tools, offsets, G & M codes and axis positions are all set correctly for the program to start at that line selected.

When the settings is disabled the program will begin from the block selected without checking the status or position of the machine.

Not all M codes are processed and the user should refer for details to the Operator Manual or contact the Haas Applications Dept. for further information.