Coolant Level

One of the more common questions we are asked, is how to calibrate the coolant level sensor, so the display on the control system is accurate. This week’s Tips & Tricks email shows how to set the necessary parameters.

(N.B. Haas does not encourage customers to change parameters, without instruction from a Haas engineer; altering a parameter from its factory set value may have an adverse effect on the machine’s performance.)

  1. The float on your coolant-level sensor needs to be calibrated. To do this, press the PARAM/DGNOS button twice and you will see the Diagnostics display, press Page Down until you find the page where COOLANT LEVEL appears (around the middle of the page). 
  2. Push the float switch in the coolant tank to its lowest position in the tank and record the 5-digit number that appears next to COOLANT LEVEL on the Diagnostics page.
  3. Let the float return to the highest (full) position, and record the value again. 
  4. Enter the number recorded in step 2 above (empty coolant tank) for parameter 603 and the high number (full coolant tank) for parameter 604.
  5. Go back to the Current Commands page and confirm that the coolant-level display is working correctly.