Simultaneous Jogging

Existing Haas users know we take feedback from our customers very seriously. Many of the features and functionality of Haas machines and their controls are implemented as a direct result of customer requests for new features, or enhancements to existing functions. This is something we actively encourage, so please feel free to send your ideas to

By way of an example, one such suggestion was the ability to manually jog two lathe axes at the same time – a seemingly simple customer request and as a result, Haas control engineers introduced the facility to jog the X and Z axes, using the jog keys, into lathe software released in July 2006.

Holding any combination of +/-X and +/-Z jog buttons will cause two axis jogging.

Releasing both jog buttons will result in the control reverting to X axis jog mode.

If only a single button is released, the control will continue jogging the single axis of the button still being held.

Normal tailstock restricted zone rules will be active while engaged in XZ jogging.