Safely Indexing a Lathe Manually

Do you ever worry about manually indexing a Haas lathe and crashing the turret into something, e.g. the chuck, probe arm etc.? 

Haas has a setting that asks the operator to check that the tool is clear before a tool change is made. 

Setting 132 (Jog or Home before Tool Change) helps prevent crashes caused when the tool or holder is too close to an obstruction (chuck, part, tailstock). 

If setting 132 is ON, and the machine is not at its home position, a message (“CHK TOOL CLR”) is displayed if a tool change button is pressed. To change the tool, the operator must go into HAND JOG mode and jog the machine to a safe location, and then go back to MDI and press the tool change button again. 

If the turret is in a safe location, it still must be moved at least .0001″ in at least one axis. If the turret is in HAND JOG mode, the control will allow the operator to switch to MDI mode and press a tool change button. 

When setting 132 is OFF, the machine will behave normally.