Multiple Axis Machining

The Haas VF/VM series mills are available with optional 4th and 5th axis drives that provide the user with the ability to machine up to 5 faces on a component in a single setup or achieve complex surface machining though 5-axis motion. 

Whilst being suitable for machinists producing complex components such as impellers or aerospace parts, everyone can benefit from multi-axis machine, simply adding a tilting 4th & 5th axis trunion table to your existing machine with a standard vice can reduce your setups for machining 6 sides of a block down to just two.

Not only is this a reduction in handling time and therefore direct cost but the elimination of additional fixturing stations will improve the dimensional accuracy and repeatability of the parts you manufacture and get them to the customer faster than before.

To make the process of utilising additional axis easier the Haas control includes a number of multi-axis orientated features to optimise the movements being commanded with innovative G-codes including: 

  • G141 3D+ Cutter Compensation 
  • G153 5-Axis High Speed Peck Drilling Canned Cycle & numerous others 

These software features coupled with the industry leading ease of use features that Haas users already enjoy make the transition into multi-axis machining achievable for all machine shops. 

(Please check with us if you machine is pre 2002 for software compatibility)