Easy Axis Homing

Have you ever sat there on a Haas Mill or Lathe winding an axis home wishing that you didn’t have to keep turning the Jog handle? 

There is an easy way to do this so long as you are looking for the axis to end up at its home location.

The way to do this is using the Home G28 button which can be found on the Zero Return Mode line. 

By pressing the Home G28 button with the doors shut this will command the machine to send all axes to their home location, on a Haas mill this will take the Z axis home first then the X and Y axes after the Z axis has finished and on a Haas Lathe it will Take the X axes home and then then Z axis (this is with the exception of TL 15 and TL 25 machines as well as the New DS range of lathes because of collisions with the sub spindle) 

But there is also the option of taking one axes to its home position by Keying the Letter of the Axis that you require to take home off the Alphanumeric keypad followed by pressing the Home G28 button with the Door shut, this will take that single axis to its home location.