Try Haas Control Options for FREE

Making the decision about purchasing control system options is always difficult.  Justifying the additional expense without really knowing how it is going to work with your existing programming style makes it more tricky.  And what if you only need the facility for one job? 

Haas understands this situation and many functions, which are normally optional on other CNC controls, are included as standard on your Haas control. However, those Haas functions that are non-standard can be used on a trial basis through the unique 200 hour facility included on all Haas machines since October 2000. 

The facility is offered on both lathe and mill controls and is applicable to all software options that do not require any additional hardware – the list includes rigid tapping, macro and on mills; high speed machining. 

Lathe Vers. 4.05 & Mill Vers. 11.02

  • Options that normally require a code to activate (Rigid Tap, Macros, etc.) can now be activated and deactivated as desired simply by entering the letter T instead of the code. 
  • An option activated in this manner will be automatically deactivated after a total of 200 power-on hours.
  • Note that the deactivation only occurs when power to the machine is turned off, not while it is running. 
  • An option can be activated permanently by entering the code as before, but in addition, once activated by a code, the 200 hour limit is reset and the feature can again be deactivated and reactivated as desired for another 200 hours before it is necessary to enter the code.
  • Note that the letter T will be displayed to the right of the option on the parameter screen during the 200 hour period indicating that it can be activated and deactivated by entering a T.