Option Time Trials - Try Before Buy

Do you ever think about buying certain options on a CNC machine tool but don’t know whether you will actually use the option or if it’s worth the investment?

Haas feel that options should be tried before they are bought, things like rigid tapping, high speed machining, macros and more. In the Haas control there are time trials available for various options, which can be activated whenever needed. The trials allow you to try out the options for 200 hours.

To activate the time trial: 

  1. Press setting graph key
  2. Type 7 then cursor down
  3. Change parameter lock to off with the right arrow key and press write enter
  4. Press in emergency stop
  5. Press the parameter diagnostic key
  6. Find the option you want to switch on ( anything with a T next to it)
  7. Type 1 with the parameter highlighted and press enter
  8. Remove emergency stop and reset alarms

The option will now be fully operational for the 200 hour trial period.