230 mm


210 ft-lb


100 °/sec


5-axis tilting rotary table

The Best-Selling Tilting Rotary Tables in the Industry

Reduce Setups and Increase Accuracy

Our redesigned TRT210 certainly makes 5-axis capabilities affordable for the average job shop. Its new smaller size also provides greater mounting flexibility than before. The TRT210 5-axis tilting rotary table is a compact and versatile 5-axis solution for mid-size mills. The new unit easily fits on one end of a machine’s table, leaving the remainder open for extra fixtures or vices.

Requires a Haas mill with 4th- and 5th-axis drives and software version 18.00 or later for true 4th- and 5th-axis operation.

  • Add 4- and 5-axis capabilities to your machine
  • Compact size fits easily into mid-size mills
  • Alternative platters available: zero point, A1-A6, T-slot
  • Easy plug-and-play connection to Haas machines
  • Industry-leading performance and capabilities
  • Made in the USA

5-Axis Machining For Every Shop

Haas plug-and-play dual-axis rotary tables and indexers make 5-axis machining easier than ever. The fastest way to increase the productivity of your Haas mill is to add a Haas rotary product. You can reduce or totally eliminate multiple setups, and easily handle multi-sided parts. Haas high-precision rotary products provide powerful 4th and 5th-axis capabilities for every shop. Correspondingly boosting productivity through affordable, plug-and-play simplicity.

Reduce Setups and Increase Accuracy with a Haas 5-axis tilting rotary table

When you need to add 5-axis capability to your 3-axis mill, Haas dual-axis rotary tables and indexers are the perfect bolt-on solutions for machining complex parts. These dual-axis rotaries bolt directly to the mill’s table to provide simultaneous 5-axis motion. By the same token, they position parts to nearly any angle for 3+2 multi-side machining.

Haas VF 2SSYT and TRT210 – No Music Demo

No Music Version – enjoy the sounds of the machine!

Our redesigned TRT210 tilting rotary table puts 5-axis capabilities well within reach of the average job shop and its new smaller size provides greater mounting flexibility than its predecessor.

We’ve completely redesigned the TRT210 to create a more compact and versatile 5-axis solution for mid-size mills. The new unit easily fits on one end of a machine’s table, leaving the remainder open for additional fixtures or vices.

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Haas TRT210 tilting rotary table Zero Point Workholding Options

Here’s a quick look at the Zero Point workholding options for Haas’ 5-axis TRT210 tilting rotary table. These optional kits come in both Manual and Automatic versions. Of course depending on how you plan to load the interchangeable platters that support your part fixturing.

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Haas VMCs and Rotary Tables - A Perfect Combination

Take a quick look at just a few examples of how our machine and rotary combinations can help you get your difficult multi-sided parts done better.

Don’t Fear 5-Axis - Parts 1, 2 and 3

Senior applications engineer John Nelson explains why 5-axis machining is much simpler than it has ever been before, and why any shop can be a 3+2 or 5-axis shop. 

Learn how the Haas software feature DWO and TCPC (Dynamic Work Offsets and Tool Centre Point Control) makes 4th and 5th-axis work simpler than ever.

Haas VF-2SS & HRC210 Demo

This demo was designed to show off the higher spindle speed and rapids of the VF-2SS and the quickness of the HRC210. 

 You can also see in-process probing for part location and feature inspection using the Haas WIPS system.

Haas Rotary QuickChange System and Block Fixtures

We’ve touched on the QuickChange and Block accessories available for Haas rotary tables in several of our other videos. This video focuses specifically on those accessories. So if you’re looking to get more productive with your rotary part fixturing, be sure to watch this!