210 mm


210 ft-lb


490 °/sec


HRT210SS high speed rotary table

The Haas HRT210SS high speed rotary table uses a heavy-duty cycloidal drive system to provide a maximum indexing speed of 490° per second – nearly five times the speed of our standard HRT210. The unit’s compact size and high speed make it the perfect complement to our VF-2SS and other high-speed Haas machines.

The high speed rotary table requires a Haas mill with 4th-axis drive and NGC control with software ver. or higher for full 4th-axis operation. Not available for stand-alone operation.

  • Add 4-axis capabilities to your machine
  • High-speed 490°/sec indexing
  • Heavy-duty cycloidal drive system
  • Easy plug-and-play connection to Haas machines
  • Industry-leading performance and capabilities
  • Made in the USA

Cycloidal Rotary Drive

The cycloidal rotary drive system – designed for machine tools and robotics – provides a great combination of speed, accuracy, and durability. The rugged design provides long service life, with little or no maintenance, and is especially durable in a crash. The cycloidal rotary drive can be back driven to absorb energy from an impact. The shock-load capacity is 5 times the rated torque of the gearbox, and the entire gearbox is a simple drop-in replacement, should damage occur.

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Haas VF-2SS & HRC210 Demo

This demo was designed to show off the higher spindle speed and rapids of the VF-2SS and the quickness of the HRC210. 

 You can also see in-process probing for part location and feature inspection using the Haas WIPS system.

Haas Rotary QuickChange System and Block Fixtures

We’ve touched on the QuickChange and Block accessories available for Haas rotary tables in several of our other videos. This video focuses specifically on those accessories. So if you’re looking to get more productive with your rotary part fixturing, be sure to watch this!