160 mm


110 ft-lb


80 °/sec


160 mm (6.3″) Dual-Spindle Rotary Table, 10″ (254 mm) Centre distance. Requires Haas mill with 4th-axis drive for full 4th-axis operation, or a rotary control box for stand-alone operation. Requires a Haas mill with software version 18.00 or later.

See our rotaries in action

Haas VMCs and Rotary Tables - A Perfect Combination

Haas got it’s start making rotary tables and indexers that helped milling machines make more kinds of parts. So it makes perfect sense that Haas rotary products work seamlessly with our milling machines.

Here we take a quick look at just a few examples of how our machine and rotary combinations can help you get your difficult multi-sided parts done better.

Don’t Fear 5-Axis - Parts 1, 2 and 3

In the first part of this video, senior applications engineer John Nelson explains why 5-axis machining is much simpler than it has ever been before, and why any shop can be a 3+2 or 5-axis shop.

In the second part, he explains how to make the correct choice when choosing your machine and rotary combination. A lot goes into making these choices, including how much table do you need, whether or not you will be using a vice with your rotary, and which options you should consider adding to make the most of your machine and rotary.

In the third part, John talks about setting up your rotary table or trunnion, as well as explaining how the Haas software feature DWO and TCPC (Dynamic Work Offsets and Tool Centre Point Control) makes 4th and 5th-axis work simpler than ever.

Haas VF-2SS & HRC210 Demo

This demo was designed to show off the higher spindle speed and rapids of the VF-2SS and the quickness of the HRC210. When combined with strong workholding and modern milling methods, the results are very impressive. The VF-2SS is one of Haas’ most popular vertical machining centres. This is the video debut of the HRC210 roller cam rotary, and it is shaping up to be a great complement to the Haas product line. You can also see in-process probing for part location and feature inspection using the Haas WIPS system.

Haas Rotary QuickChange System and Block Fixtures

We’ve touched on the QuickChange and Block accessories available for Haas rotary tables in several of our other videos. This video focuses specifically on those accessories. So if you’re looking to get more productive with your rotary part fixturing, be sure to watch this!