HRT210SS high speed rotary table

The Haas HRT210SS high speed rotary table uses a heavy-duty cycloidal drive system to provide a maximum indexing speed of 490° per second – nearly five times the speed of our standard HRT210. The unit’s compact size and high speed make it the perfect complement to our VF-2SS and other high-speed Haas machines.

The high speed rotary table requires a Haas mill with 4th-axis drive and NGC control with software ver. or higher for full 4th-axis operation. Not available for stand-alone operation.

Cycloidal Rotary Drive

The cycloidal rotary drive system – designed for machine tools and robotics – provides a great combination of speed, accuracy, and durability. The rugged design provides long service life, with little or no maintenance, and is especially durable in a crash. The cycloidal rotary drive can be back driven to absorb energy from an impact. The shock-load capacity is 5 times the rated torque of the gearbox, and the entire gearbox is a simple drop-in replacement, should damage occur.