Lyndhurst Precision

Saving lives is all part of a day’s work for the design and manufacture team at Lyndhurst Precision. Their bespoke engineering solutions have covered countless projects in the company’s 30 year history. Their minefield breaching device is one they are particularly proud of.  A trusted favourite of both medical and military personnel, the device allows for rapid advance through booby-trapped areas, ensuring a clear path to safely reach the regions most in need.

Also capable of making a life-changing difference is Lyndhurst’s medical dressing assembly machine which is currently used both in hospitals and in the field.  Challenged with designing, manufacturing and installing a system to assemble various medical dressing components was no simple task. Using cutting edge electro-mechanical positioning activators together with a pallet transfer system to create a high-speed process that delivers accurate finished components, the machine passes rigorous testing procedures you would expect from the medical industry.

Lyndhurst serves a diverse range of sectors including automotive, nuclear, defence and renewable energy. They have recently completed a conveyor system for a Japanese automotive facility in Thailand, and have now begun the mammoth task of building a test area to safely decommission a nuclear facility.

Everything is created using CAD system, Inventor. “We don’t have a product. We enable others to have a product”, says Manager, Ruth Mariner. Lyndhurst’s 50 employees include a diverse team of designers and engineers able to adapt to the myriad of challenges required of them.

Lyndhurst’s medical dressing assembly machine

With humble beginnings, the company’s first workshop was housed in a garden shed. Substantial growth has led to a purpose-built factory in Chorley, Lancashire and Lyndhurst are accustomed to working for small businesses, multinational corporations and governments alike. Turnover has increased by 30% in the last year and the workforce by 10%, signalling the need for investment in new equipment, including their CNC machines.

After a recommendation from a local company, Lyndhurst looked at Haas. “It was immediately obvious that Haas produced a quality machine. The team opted for a VF-2 vertical machining centre, with an ST-15Y turning centre soon after. The VF-2 is loading with an 8,100-rpm spindle and 20 station carousel tool changer. The ST-15Y has full Y axis capacity, a 4,000 rpm A2-6 spindle, can handle 2.5” (63.5mm) bar and comes with a 12 station VDI turret.

“The VF-2 is a faster, more accurate machine, the machinists love working on it; they say they’re lucky to have it in the factory.  We design and build everything in-house; it enables us to give a better customer to client service. We don’t want to grow big, we want to grow better and the machine has made us more efficient and has increased the quality of the final product.”

Lyndhurst are now also the proud owners of an ST-30 turning centre and VM-3 vertical mould making machine, which have increased both their flexibility and productivity. This has been proved in numerous jobs including a large installation for an international defence company and the re-designing of some failed wind turbines.  “Our capabilities have grown exponentially; practically everything is done here in the factory. The Haas machines came into their own on the turbine blades, in particular the accuracy and multi functionality, making them ideal and cutting production time by a whopping 75%!”

Operator Craig Walker says “The ST-15Y is very user-friendly. It’s quicker, quieter and smoother. It makes the most difficult jobs easy.” Reece Moore adds “The VM-3 is a brilliant piece of kit; what used to take four hours now takes 40 minutes.”

The company do a lot of work with local further education and secondary schools. “We still use the older skills,” explains Ruth, “but it’s good to show students the future too.” When they see the Haas machines it opens their eyes to what engineering is about today.

“We wanted to invest in capabilities. Haas have the winning formula; the machines are incredibly multi-functional and the back-up is great. They’ve transformed what we do, our working environment and what we deliver to our customers. The transition to Haas has been a very easy one. It’s great to see the future!”

“It was immediately obvious that Haas produced a quality machine.”

Ruth Marriner