Haas offers a wide range of VF Series 50-taper machines to match any size and production requirement. These workhorses are well suited to high material removal rates, no matter what kind of cut you’re taking. And they come equipped with an upgraded feature package that includes a side-mount tool changer, chip auger, programmable coolant nozzle, and remote jog handle.

The VF-5/50TR is a versatile 5-axis machining centre based on the popular VF-5/50 VMC platform. It provides full simultaneous five-axis motion, or can position a workpiece to almost any angle for machining. For added flexibility, the trunnion is mounted directly to the machine’s standard T-slot table, and can easily be removed when jobs require only 3-axis machining.

  • Capable of full 5-axis contouring
  • 50-taper spindle with 2-speed gearbox
  • Ideal for tougher materials and larger-diameter cutting tools
  • Includes high-speed machining software
  • Made in the USA

5-Axis Vertical Machining Centre, 1270 x 660 x 635 mm, with removable 210 mm 2-axis trunnion rotary table, 50-taper geared-head, 30 hp vector drive, 30+1 side-mount tool changer, 18 m/min rapids, automatic chip auger, programmable coolant nozzle, power-failure detection module, 1 GB program memory, coordinate rotation & scaling, colour remote jog handle, macros, high-speed machining, 15″ colour LCD monitor, USB port, Ethernet, memory lock keyswitch, rigid tapping and a 360 litre flood coolant system.


Haas VF-2SS & HRC210 Demo

This demo was designed to show off the higher spindle speed and rapids of the VF-2SS and the quickness of the HRC210. 

You can also see in-process probing for part location and feature inspection using the Haas WIPS system.

VF-4 and TR200Y - Cutting Demo

Watch as our VF-4 mill joins forces with our TR200Y 5-Axis trunnion rotary table to put features on 5 sides of this block.

Check out our VF-4 mill here: haas.co.uk/machines/vf-4/

And check out the TR200Y rotary table here: haas.co.uk/rotaries/tr200y/

How We Build VMCs Today

Back in the late 1980s we started building our first VMC, the VF-1. 

Today, our process is finely tuned and extremely efficient for a machine that is still hand built to a great extent. Take a look at how we build the same VF that may be sitting on your shop floor not too long from now.

Display Pictures and Videos on Your Haas Control Using M130

Mark shows off the powerful new Haas M130 Media Display feature. By commanding an M130, you can display setup sheets, tool lists, work instructions, and even videos – all within your program.