5-Axis Universal Machining Centres

Universal Machines – 5-Axis Machining for Everyone

The UMC-1600-H is a 50-taper Universal Machining Centre based on our highly popular EC-1600ZT HMC. We’ve mounted a massive 630 mm rotary table to the machine’s integrated 4th-axis platter to provide 3+2 positioning and full 5-axis motion for machining large parts.

The machine’s 50-taper cutting ability, heavy-duty rotary axes, and large work envelope make it the perfect 5-axis solution for the large parts found in the oil & gas, alternative energy, and other heavy industries.

  • ±120° of B-axis swing and 360° of C-axis rotation
  • 50-taper spindle with a 2-speed gearbox
  • Standard side-mount tool changer, 50+1 tools
  • Includes DWO/TCPC and Wireless Intuitive Probing System
  • 78″ max part swing on integrated 4th axis
  • Made in the USA

To provide full, simultaneous 5th-axis motion, we mounted a heavy-duty rotary table to the 4th-axis platter of our EC-1600ZT, using a purpose-built casting. This heavy-duty configuration provides large part capacity and 50-taper machining capabilities for larger 5-axis projects.

DWO/TCPC Changes Everything:

Dynamic Work Offsets (DWO) and Tool Centre Point Control (TCPC) are software features in the Haas control. Setting up 4-axis and 5-axis jobs is now as easy as setting up a 3-axis machine. An operator to places the part and fixture anywhere on the machine’s table or platter. They can do this regardless of the location programmed in the CAM system. DWO and TCPC determine the difference between the centres-of-rotation programmed in the CAM system and the centres-of-rotation within the machine and apply appropriate offsets.

  • Simplifies setup operations
  • Part and fixture can be placed anywhere on the table/platter
  • Saves money by eliminating costly workholding
  • No need to regenerate programs from the CAM system
  • Makes setting up 5-axis jobs as easy as setting up a 3-axis machine
  • Includes the Rotary Axis Calibration Tool

The UMC-1600-H – 50T 5-Axis Universal Machining Centre

Here’s a quick look at the UMC-1600-H. This 50-taper Universal Machining Centre is based on our popular EC-1600 HMC. We’ve mounted a massive 630 mm rotary table to the machine’s integrated 4th-axis platter. The machine has 50-taper cutting, heavy-duty rotary axes, and a large work envelope – perfect for the large parts found in heavy industries.

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