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The Best-Value Long Bed Y-Axis CNC Lathes in the Industry

High-performance big bore Y-Axis CNC Lathes with a wide selection of available options for every workshop.

The ST-35LY long bed big bore Y-Axis CNC lathe provides roughly double the Z-axis travel of the standard ST-30 for machining longer parts while maintaining superior cutting performance. The long bed turning centre is completely re-engineered from the ground up to create a more rigid and better-performing machine. The lathe offers a wide selection of productivity-enhancing options with more features than ever. The addition of Y-axis and live tooling allows milling, drilling, and tapping for increased machine capabilities.

  • Extended Z-axis travel for machining longer parts
  • New castings for increased rigidity and damping properties
  • Ergonomically designed for everyday operation
  • Extended tool pocket in the bulkhead provides clearance for tools up to 30″ (762 mm) long, depending on workholding
  • BMT65 12-station turret
  • Available Steady Rest Provision for part-face machining or supporting extra-long parts (optional)
  • Programmable Tailstock with #4 Morse taper
  • Dual Auto Doors for easier part loading
  • Scissor-style Z-axis waycover for longer life and less maintenance

Haas Bar Feeder

Automate Your Big Bore Y-Axis CNC Lathe Production

The Bar Feeder is a simple and affordable way to automate Haas big bore CNC Lathes production to boost productivity. It is designed and built exclusively for Haas CNC turning centres and connects directly to the Haas control. An innovative rollaway design provides easy access to the rear of the lathe spindle for quick liner adapter and spindle liner changes.

Haas Bar Feeder


The Haas BMT65 Turret

There’s no need to move your turned parts to a mill for secondary operations. Now, you can machine them complete on a Haas lathe with the BMT65 turret and live tooling. The BMT65 system provides increased cutting performance, longer tool life, and better tool clearance.

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Haas ST-10Y and Parts Catcher Demo

Check out Haas’ ST-10Y compact turning centre doing some Y-axis cutting, and using our productivity-boosting Parts Catcher option.

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Haas Bar Feeder - Haas Option Spotlight

If you want more productivity from your Haas lathe, consider adding a Haas Bar Feeder to your shop. Designed for easy integration with your lathe, the Bar Feeder features a host of features to make operation simple. 

ST-20Y Y-Axis Lathe Cutting Demo

Watch our ST-20Y Y-axis turning centre with the BMT65 live tooled turret in action.

The BMT65 Turret and Live Tooling for Haas Lathes

Why move your turned parts to a mill for secondary operations when you can machine them complete on a Haas lathe with the BMT65 Turret and Live Tooling? 

The BMT65 Turret and Live Tooling are standard on Haas Y-Axis lathes (ST-20Y through ST-35Y), and optional on non Y-axis models.