Super Deduction

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 Claim 130% Super Deduction on CNC machinery
To qualify, your machine must be delivered before 31st March
 Haas has a range of CNC machines in stock, ready for delivery
 We will help with the claim process, including paperwork 

130% Super Deduction - UNTIL 31st MARCH

What is it? 

A new 130% first-year capital allowance for qualifying plant and machinery assets. We have produced a fact sheet that explains the Super-Deduction in detail – download the PDF.

Until the 31st March 2023 deadline companies investing in qualifying CNC machinery assets will be able to claim a 130% super-deduction capital allowance.

The super-deduction will allow your company to cut its tax bill by up to 25p for every £1 you invest, enabling you to invest in CNC machinery, and to make those investments now.

This super-deduction can allow you to invest in productivity-enhancing plant and machinery assets that will help your business grow. Please speak to your accountant to confirm how this tax relief will work for your business.

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Super Deduction explained in more detail:

Download the Fact Sheet

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For more details and advice call 01603 760539 or email