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Haas VF-3 Vertical Machining Centre

Haas CNC machine tools, CNC mills and CNC lathes

The Haas VF-3 vertical machining centre has 1016 x 508 x 635 mm xyz travels and is built using all American-made cast-iron components. Like every Haas machine, the VF-3 represents years of ongoing refinement. Customer feedback coupled with the relentless pursuit of perfection sees advancements and design-enhancing changes incorporated directly into the production line every day.

The Haas VF-3 is a rugged, medium-sized VMC that yields full reliability and accuracy in a moderately-sized machine. The VF-3 has a 40-taper cartridge spindle driven by a 30 hp vector Dual-Drive (Y-Delta) drive. The VF-3 produces either 75 ft-lb of torque at a low 1400 rpm, or 250 ft-lb at 450 rpm with the optional 2-speed gearbox -- and will also run up to 8,100 rpm in 1.2 seconds for finishing aluminium.

With a long list of standard features and high-productivity options such as side-mount toolchanger, rotaries and pallet changers (many sold in discounted packages), the Haas VF-3 is one of the best value machine tools available today.

Call 01603 760539 for further details on the Haas range of CNC machine tools or to discuss your requirements with a Haas expert.

Haas CNC machine tools, CNC mills and CNC lathes
Haas VF-3 Specifications

X Axis 40"  1016 mm
Y Axis 20"  508 mm
Z Axis 25"  635 mm
Spindle Nose to Table (~ min) 4"  102 mm
Spindle Nose to Table (~ max) 29"  737 mm
TABLE S.A.E. Metric
Length 48"  1219 mm
Width 18"  457 mm
T-Slot Width 5/8"  16 mm
T-Slot Center Distance 3.15"  80.0 mm
Number of Std T-Slots
Max Weight on Table (evenly distributed) 3500lb  1588 kg
Max Rating 30 hp 22.4 kW 
Max Speed 8,100 rpm  8,100 rpm
Max Torque 90ft-lb @ 2000rpm  122 Nm @ 2000 rpm
Drive System Inline  Inline
Max Torque w/opt Gearbox 250 ft-lb @ 450rpm  339 Nm @ 450 rpm
Taper CT or BT 40  CT or BT 40
Bearing Lubrication Air/Oil Injection 
Cooling Liquid Cooled 
Rapids on X 1000in/min  25.4 m/min
Rapids on Y 1000in/min  25.4 m/min
Rapids on Z 1000in/min  25.4 m/min
Max Cutting 650in/min  16.5 m/min
Max Thrust X 2550lb  11343 N
Max Thrust Y 2550lb  11343 N
Max Thrust Z 4200lb  18683 N
Type Carousel (SMTC Optional)   Carousel (SMTC Optional)
Capacity 20  20
Max Tool Diameter (full) 3.5"  89 mm
Max Tool Weight 12lb  5.4 kg
Tool-to-Tool (avg) 4.2sec  4.2 sec
Chip-to-Chip (avg) 4.5sec  4.5 sec
Air Required 4scfm, 100 psi  113 L/min, 6.9 bar
Coolant Capacity 55gal  208 L
Power (options may increase requirement) 195-260 VAC/50 A
354-488 VAC/30 A 
195-260 VAC/50 A
354-488 VAC/30 A
Machine Weight 12500lb  5670 kg


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