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What makes a Haas Rotary?

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1 Main Body – Class 30 iron is used for its superior damping qualities. Extremely rigid, it damps vibration and deflects machining forces. Machined by Haas in only two operations on FMS machinery.

2 Turntable Platter – Haas uses only heat-treated 4140 alloy steel for our platters. Machined and rotary ground in-house, they deliver superior strength and durability. Made by Haas.

3 Bearings – Two pre-loaded, deep-groove radial bearings withstand loads up to 31,000 lb. By supporting the worm gear on both sides with these massive bearings, Haas is able to deliver superior performance and dependable operation. Precision-made in the USA.

4 Worm Gear – Haas’ large-diameter aluminium-bronze worm gear
is hobbed on a CNC gear hobber and inspected on a Klingelnberg gear
analyzer. Made by Haas.

5 Worm Drive Shaft – Our drive shafts are made of 8620 steel hardened to 60 Rc. They are CNC precision-ground, and then inspected
to a 2-micron runout on a Klingelnberg gear analyzer. Made by Haas.

6 Brake Disc – Our brake discs are made from 4140 chromoly steel heat treated to 30/53 Rc. The thrust-bearing surface on the brake is rotary ground to further enhance wear resistance. Specially-designed seals provide protection from the elements, while reducing the drag commonly associated with compression seal designs.  Made by Haas.

7  Motor Enclosure – The motor enclosure features heavy-gauge steel, with special closed-cell foam gaskets to maintain a watertight assembly. Powder coated in brilliant silver for protection.


Specs and Dimensions for Rotary Accessories PDF

Call 01603 760539 for further details on the Haas range of CNC machine tools or to discuss your requirements with a Haas expert.


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